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The Honeymoon's Over

The Honeymoon’s Over

In this extraordinary collection, twenty-four women writers bare their souls and talk about the turning points in their marriages: why they stayed, why they left. Candidly exploring their feelings and experiences, they courageously discuss religious differences, money, lack of love, his mistakes, her mistakes, addictions, the joys of working things out as well as those of being alone—and the triumph when, at last, the best possible decisions are made.

"Many women will recognize themselves in this collection of 22 essays about love, marriage and divorce."

The New York Post
"Each essay in this collection is revelatory . . . Anyone who's ever been in a relationship will encounter something relatable in these stories."

Elle Canada
"Comfort food for the lovelorn . . ."

"Whether your marriage is blissful, rocky, or somewhere in between, this provocative essay collection will help put your relationship in perspective."

Ladies Home Journal/
"This provocative series of essays...explores the fluttering-heart ecstasy and the dark corners of marriage . . . a must-read for anyone contemplating marriage.