Spacing Lee B. Montgomery
Searching For Emily

Searching For Emily

Available in October
Nothing Moments Press
Text by Lee Montgomery
Illustrations by Phung Huynh

Searching for Emily is part of the newest project of Los Angeles artist Steven Hull and Nothing Moments Press that presents a unique collaboration between artists, designers, and writers. Consisting of twenty-four limited edition books and more than four-hundred original drawings, Nothing Moments expands on the relay-inspired process Hull has explored in previous projects, whereby the work of one artist is responded to and expanded on by another. In Nothing Moments, each book begins with a fiction text authored by a contributing writer. (In addition to Lee, writers include Aimee Bender, Amy Gerstler, Benjamin Weissman, Jim Krusoe, Lynn Tillman, Chris Sorrentino among others.) This text is then passed to a contributing artist who makes drawings in response to the story. Finally, the text and art are given to a designer who creates a unique design.